The modern day version of the pack mule. The ideal solution for hauling heavy equipment, tactical gear, protecting our troops, detecting mines, scouting ahead, providing power,and much more!


BattleWagon Concept Images

More information coming soon!  Until then, it takes just one photo to realize why our BATTLEWAGON concept makes sense:

why-the-archer-makes-sense Support vehicle for up to 10 dismounted soldiers. Reduce each soldier’s load by 50 to 80lbs!!!

600 to 800lbs equipment carrying capacity. Water, gear, equipment, batteries, ammo, comm, first-aid and more.

Hybrid (diesel/electric) power-plant with electric “silent drive.”

4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, off-road suspension, dual electric drive motors.

Semi-autonomous, GPS path, remote “tele-operation” and hand gesture or voice command”follow me” mode is possible.

Provides surveillance, security, communications, and safety to our troops!

Will follow our soldiers on an invisible leash, like a heavy-duty robotic pack mule!

Can be “Train-Linked” to become unmanned logistic vehicles. To carry supplies from point to point.

We are currently looking for strategic hardware/software/sensor systems partners to help us develop this vehicle. We welcome your feedback and comments! Please contact us: 951-231-5778 or